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My thoughts on the Twilight franchise

These are my OPINIONS, gathered together from my Twitter Stream with some footnotes added (but not otherwise edited) to make a more coherent blog post from my microbloggings:

LauraB1 on seeing Twilight: "Buffy would LAUGH at Edward Cullen XD" http://j.mp/6l99FG This! I've not seen or read it and won't try hard to.

"YouTube - Buffy vs Edward: Twilight Remixed -- [original version]" http://j.mp/6v1m99 Oh yes! Buffy was way better than this sparkly stuff! 1

"Twilight | Cracked.com" http://j.mp/8NFlRR And there's more! Spotted here: http://rosefox8.livejournal.com/1275421.html

With all that "Buffy is better than Twilight" I am sure to lose a few Twitter followers and LjFriends. That will be a pity but I will live.

"think critically before you wish for someone else's idea of what's romantic" http://j.mp/4Ukm60 The Twilight books are bad role models. 2

Honestly, I worry about the teenage girls of women who love these books and who read them with said girls. 3

Part of me thinks I should read them to better criticise but I have better things to read and to do with my time than cause myself pain!

Another part of me is unhappy criticising an author (or group of ghost mormon authors?) that is/are making money out of a book franchise.

I worry for a whole generation of teenage girls. Way to teach girls that it is OK to be in an abusive relationship. Been there, never again.

If only my autobiography, if I ever finish and publish, would sell as well and influence as many young girls. Sadly, pigs might fly. :(


Edited to fix HTML and to add a comment that I left on the post that I linked to with the "think critically" tagline:

I think there is enough out there to counter balance one fictitious book series' unintentional glorification of abusive relationships. Come on, the guy turns into a wolf and mauls his girlfriend? And people think that girls are going say "well it worked out for the chick in my book so I have to tough it out"? Let's give the gals out there a bit more credit and assume that they will know thousands of other works out there might have a better point that it's not ok to be hit or belittled by your boyfriend.

Then again, as a child of parents in an abusive relationship that went on to have a number of abusive relationships of my own before I realised that that was not how it had to be and was just what I had always seen and assumed to be true, there will be girls out these that do not have good role models in their lives for whom these books reinforce the bad experiences and role models in their own lives. It is these girls, of whom I was one, that I personally feel worried and concerned for.

You do what you have seen and been taught. You only think to do anything different if you see or learn something different.

1 Also, Buffy is/was a much better role model for teenage girls than the Twilight Bella IMO!

2 P.S. The comments on this post are a great read as well. Some from people that disagree with the OP (and me), some about how Disney is often as dysfunctional and even one from a Mormon whose teen girl hated the books and movie. Fascination and interesting.

3 …or who let them read the books unsupervised which is so much worse IMO!


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Dec. 2nd, 2009 02:49 am (UTC)
I--like you--have not read twilight. I have no inclination to do it nor watch the movie. I'm not a fan of vampires (to begin with) and then I have heard unflattering tales of the writing and whatnot. Then, to really turn me off, i hear that it's not really a vampire book. Its more like a book about teenage girl drama that happens to have vamps in it....

I really ask "Why?"

Also might amuse you:
Dec. 2nd, 2009 04:56 am (UTC)
*smiles* Thanks for that link!

What gets me about the comments on that post I liked to above is that many of them don't seem to think that, just because Bella is an empty cardboard cut-out of a Mary-Sue character and that Edward may not be 100% abusive does not mean that the story is not one aout abusive relationships and codependence.
Dec. 2nd, 2009 05:03 am (UTC)
P.S. I may have to do a follow-up post of links that I have gleaned from comments here and on the other linked posts/blogs.
Dec. 2nd, 2009 03:41 am (UTC)
Also--if i don't look like a pesky bum--I'd like to point out how many times a girl will dream about prince charming coming in and sweeping them off their feet (i know I'm wishing for it too.... but I'd want to steer the steed).

Everything a person reads and really enjoys (and reads about 20 times over)its going to impact them. Again. Have not read Twilight Series, but any abuse in a book that someone doesn't stand up to will stick in the back of a person's mind and either help them think its ok or think they can help the abuser.

I've done the psychologically abusive relationship. I've seen friends go through the physically abusive ones. I've helped a friend get out of a relationship that was both. I really like reading books w/ a strong female lead because I think it makes me stronger--and strong enough to help others.

On that note--i should get off my soap box before it collapses out from under me
Dec. 2nd, 2009 05:02 am (UTC)

Well, with the weight of both of us and the other people posting about this, that soap-box must already be only so much firewood!

My parents' relationship was both emotionally, physically and sexually abusive, the whole family was codependently dysfunctional, dad has schizophrenia, I have been in relationships across the whole spectrum of abuse (all types), codependence and dysfunction.

You comment about the strong female lead is the whole problem with Twilight. Bella isn't and the books and films are marketed at tweens. At least Buffy was marketed at teens and adults and she was a strong role model (admittedly with understandable and occasional teenage waverings - at least that series showed her learning from these waverings and growing!
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