Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 12-01-2009

  • 00:15:59: Sleepy. Gonna try sleep. Not that I don't sleep 20 hours out of 24 these days, or anything…
  • 04:56:19: Yet again I find myself waking up at some weird hour.
  • 08:34:44: Is there a folding wireless keyboard that works with the iPhone? Bluetooth maybe. That will work with iPhone WriteRoom and similar.
  • 12:01:29: Well, that'll be me not getting any more sleep this morning, then. They are drilling huge holes in the walls for aerials and cables. Laundry
  • 12:02:26: The #red hashtag does not work in @brizzly. :*(
  • 12:03:56: RT @marvinsmoan: Please don't tweet me back, I'll only have to reply or something.
  • 12:24:46: First load of laundry on. No wonder it does not tumble dry very well - you would not believe what I found in the seal (washer-dryer)!
  • 12:28:14: (photo later if I remember, once I have shown @NeilCFord)
  • 15:00:36: What I found in the washer-dryer! -
  • 15:03:01: What I found in the washer-dryer! -
  • 15:06:07: What I found in the washer-dryer!
    (not a great photo but you get the idea)
  • 15:06:58: More links/photos:
  • 15:09:15: Remind me to get my 32Gb USB memory stick back from @NeilCFord before he washes it! ;*)

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    Mon, 15:20: @ tesco All of my favourites have disappeared!

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