Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-30-2009

  • 01:24:44: So, this may be a cold or flu on top of the dodgy chicken. My mouth has just decided to sprout coldsores as it does whenever I am more ill.
  • 01:27:13: Penfold to te rescue! RT @tallin32: Oh right. Danger Mouse is one of them new-fangled music people, not just some British detective rodent.
  • 02:15:47: Giving up and going back to bed. Again. I think I am going for a record (for me). What was the name of the guy who slept for 100 days?
  • 02:16:55: I might read a book, but knowing me I will just play something like Bejeweled on the iPhone until my eyes tel me to give in and fall asleep.
  • 12:45:48: "YouTube - Surprised Kitty" Jazz paws! *dies from cute*
  • 13:00:45: naptime
  • 18:41:57: So much for just a nap. Another day of lost daylight and not getting chores done or phonecalls made. This is getting depressing/annoying. :(
  • 19:16:33: I guess it could grow on me if I used Tweetie any mre:
  • 19:18:05: Strangely @brizzly keeps putting a blue blob beside a search for which there are no new tweets. There was only one and still is. #bugreport
  • 19:41:27: Evolution wins again!
  • 20:31:44: "Ben Fogle: I began to realise how therapeutic - not to mention handy - this skill could be." More great knitting press!
  • 21:08:08: RT @knittingnews: Oscar winner Tilda Swinton in a knit-crochet Sandra Backlund. Speechless again.

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