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From Twitter 11-29-2009

  • 01:04:19: RT @qikipedia: OMG (or oligodendrocyte myelin glycoprotein) is a molecule found in your central nervous system. Take that! #OMGfacts
  • 01:30:33: Muting X in @brizzly or @twittelator does not mute X in each other or in @twitter itself. Maybe I just don't get it. #bugreport
  • 01:34:24: Wishing I could remember the name of the 3rd party mobile web twitter client that hubby pointed me at. I think it began with a D?
  • 03:05:16: #tmi Cooked chicken I ate Friday night was out of date and has given me gyp all day and night Saturday. #Colpermin a-go-go.
  • 04:16:53: Can't sleep. Clowns'll eat me. Also, my gut and I hate each other with a vengeance. #tmi Will have to resort to the big guns. #Immodium
  • 04:34:51: RT @seananmcguire: Is it bad to want to get a Siberian and a Norwegian Forest Cat, just so I can do proper comparative reviews (… shedding)?
  • 06:08:04: My guts and I seem to have declared a chemically-enhanced truce and so I will try to sleep once I finish this row. #knitting
  • 06:08:40: Congrats! RT @seananmcguire: DISCOUNT ARMAGEDDON is done.
  • 06:28:06: Of course, having tweeted that I was feeling a little better, my guts just HAD to disagree.
  • 06:33:16: I just generated my #TweetCloud out of a year of my tweets - http://w33.us/6x9
  • 07:22:58: Going to try to sleep. Again.
  • 07:25:35: I may not manage to, though, because Smudge is wide awake. #sodslaw
  • 07:29:24: "You haven't lost your smile at all, it's right under your nose. You just forgot it was there." (via @writerblocktips)
  • 18:56:40: Lost another day to sleeping off a night of illness. Seeing sparkles though so may have to go straight back to sleep if cats let me.
  • 18:57:30: #paincount = 7 guts, head amd eyes.
  • 19:22:32: LOL Oops! Trending: Twitter Billboard
    Epic Fail: http://bit.ly/6HhQDU
  • 19:33:23: Waititng for the ice machine to make me some ice. Also waiting for painkillers to work. #waiting
  • 19:51:41: #knitting easy 1x1 rib in the blissfully low light of a bedside lamp and my mac 23" cinema display because it is all my #eyepain will allow.
  • 20:34:19: Can't keep my eyes open. Again. Not eaten but my bed beckons.

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