Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-27-2009

  • 00:42:21: Home now. Was good to meet @davedevereux @kaz_mahoney @Danacea @LizUK @stephendeas @sennydreadful + others at Forbidden Planet with hubby. ☺
  • 00:43:15: Copy/paste from BBC "The fabulous Dreamland full length feature will be broadcast on CBBC on BBC TWO on Saturday 5 December from 10-10.45am"
  • 00:44:35: Also met @Alex_Bell86 - sorry if I have forgotten anyone!
  • 00:46:07: Was able to buy a copy of Rosemary & Rue by @seananmcguire at Forbidden Planet - only published in the US so far but they had it as import!
  • 00:46:52: Now I have to decide what to read first from my #TBR pile…
  • 00:50:15: Intrigued by seeing tweets that start with a "." - what's that all about?
  • 11:10:27: "Lunalovegoddess: -Squish a Boob; Save a Life" Give to charity for free! "…who hasn't been touched by breast cancer?”
  • 12:30:56: Painkillers and back to bed.
  • 18:37:57: So much for a quick nap. Only woke up about 30 mins ago.
  • 18:38:21: Last few days have taken a lot out of me but that is okay - they were worth it.
  • 18:48:04: But I am having difficulty staying awake at ALL!
  • 21:56:57: More lost hours. *thud*
  • 22:11:23: RT @David_Heb: For my 1,000th tweet, a joke: this was a spoof book review I wrote in April. It became worryingly plausible. http://bit.l ...
  • 22:12:46: Part of me wants to read that book! HSould I be worrried? The other part would rip it to shreds with a double barrelled dictionary! ;-p
  • 22:12:54: Should.

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