Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-26-2009

  • 02:34:22: Gives up on being awake. Alarm set for 10 am.
  • 02:54:45: Lightning flashes in the distance but no attendant thunder.
  • 06:45:24: Woken by my bladder and dreams with a memoir plot kitteh. A few hours sleep is loads better than none.
  • 06:46:05: Currently posting final chapter of twitter novel “Richie” - PLEASE RT (via @fictionlmixtape)
  • 06:54:46: As is so often the case in these days of MonSter vandalised hypothalamus, I went to bed feeling cold and woke up feeling like I was melting.
  • 12:24:29: Yup! RT @writersclub RT @JulieMayhew: Can't believe all the Mac-pushers on Twitter... / Oh Julie: Once you've had a Mac, you never go back.
  • 15:50:19: Vampire Bukkake? Must... Not... Google... (via @davedevereux) Ewwwwww! *scrubs brain*
  • 15:55:43: RT @SimonJuden: would just like to reaffirm that Borders UK are NOT in administration. Reuters story wrong. PA team to help Borders
  • 18:01:34: We are -> a signing at Forbidden Planet, Shaftsbury Avenue.
  • 20:25:46: In a noisy bar off charring cross road
  • 20:32:28: Auditory processing disorder -like symptoms from the MonSter mean that all I can hear is the LOUD music and generel babble.
  • 20:34:10: Not what anyone is saying. Thank FSM I can lipread!

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