Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-25-2009

  • 02:33:00: "'Larry, what the hell just happened here?' » Bobby McFerrin…" This is AMAZING! Just watch the video!
  • 02:34:21: "Stop using 'win' and ;fail' as complete sentences." LOL *nods** This! ;-p
  • 05:15:25: Failing to fall asleep
  • 05:16:43: Getting back up.
  • 06:14:57: Splitting headache and have failed to sleep. Hitting the painkillers. Wonder if swallowing them with water would work better. Getting water.
  • 06:27:38: That was a bingo tweet BTW. BTW2 #paincount = 6.
  • 06:30:34: Adding #med420 to the painkilling arsenal. Has to be worth try and may even help me sleep. #sidethought Wish new glasses would stay on nose.
  • 08:54:22: Finally sleepy but now the cats are awake and so I suppose that I had beter feed them before I try to sleep. Pity that takes 30 minutes!
  • 16:09:20: Idiomatically feeling like death that they did not bother to reheat. Going back to bed.
  • 16:13:03: Non-warmed?

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