Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Add me to any LJFilters you wish

Copied from a comment elsewhere:

I will read anything and everything that you are happy for me to read. I do not promise, however, that I will read it in a timely fashion - my livejournal reading is often days behind, much like my life. Time seems to disappear when I am not looking - if I do so much as blink I have been known to lose whole days!

I will just add, here, that not every one of my LJFriends is in my LJ "Default view" friends group which is the group that LJ displays when you click on the Friends link of your LJ. This means that I do not read everything that all of my LJFriends write. There are only so many seconds in the year…
Tags: filters, livejournal

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