Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-23-2009

  • 00:54:07: *wondering what a red button special is*
  • 00:56:15: Bah! iPlayer is down for maintenance!
  • 04:09:54: 0 more #wordcount and off to bed now. Optician tomorrow.
  • 04:21:00: Alarm set for 11
  • 04:22:16: Is there anyone that actually /LIKES/ the new retweet feature? (via @tallin32) I have always liked retweets in various clients. Not used web
  • 13:20:52: "Not Always Right | Funny & Stupid Customer Quotes » How About Some TechiFlu" <- Made me ROFLMAO!
  • 13:27:32: This too:
    <- LOL!
  • 13:29:01: RT @Danacea: From @boingboing (you thought you'd never see this!) Sex advice from D&D players <- ;-p
  • 17:33:37: ADA finally updated 2 include ppl w/ "invisible illness" (via @alumiere)
  • 17:52:35: Correction for one eyed typing: @Aleksandr_Orlov I think you mean "stoat" which is animal not "stout" which is fat and/or beer.
  • 21:17:38: LauraB1 on seeing Twilight: "Buffy would LAUGH at Edward Cullen XD" This! I've not seen or read it and won't try hard to.
  • 21:27:25: "YouTube - Buffy vs Edward: Twilight Remixed -- [original version]" Oh yes! Buffy was way better than this sparkly stuff!
  • 21:31:23: "Twilight |" And there's more! Spotted here:
  • 21:32:34: With all that "Buffy is better than Twilight" I am sure to lose a few Twitter followers and LjFriends. That will be a pity but I will live.
  • 21:37:02: RT @kaz_mahoney: What's hot in YA fiction? … agent Kristin Nelson: "dystopian just might be the new vampire."
  • 21:39:53: So, writers and readers, how do I know what genre I am writing? YA/SciFi/Urban/Wibble?
  • 21:40:33: So, writers and readers, how do I know what genre I am writing? YA/SciFi/Urban/Wibble? Adding hashtag this time. #writing
  • 21:43:46: That was the photo that Moby did not post for me earlier. "First floor" in the UK = "second floor" in the US.

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