Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-22-2009

  • 06:25:59: 05:25: Been up since 03:00. Still 0 words today. Going back to bed. #wordcount
  • 06:26:50: RT @catvalente: "Knitting halp! What the hell does p1-b mean?" Purl one through the back loop.
  • 19:06:20: Breakfast, 536 words and 6 rows of sock since I woke up at 1530 but my vertical hold is more f***ed than usual today. Keep falling over. ;-S
  • 19:38:43: RT @alexandraerin RT @TaelorMcClurg: "The reason Chuck Noris is invincible is because Alan Moore isn't through with him yet." #moorefacts :)
  • 19:40:43: Dear Twitterverse, I am looking for a writing buddy. IRL, on Twitter/LJ or by email. Maybe even by skype or face-to-face.
  • 19:42:31: I may live in the UK but I seem to exist on west coast USAian time (PST?), it seems. Woke up at 15:30 having gone to bed at about 06:00 GMT.
  • 20:10:30: RT @mcglk: "One of us! One of us! :)" So, you're a nocturnal zombie as well? ;-p
  • 20:14:08: Dear Twitterverse, part 2; There seems to be a dearth of writing buddies out there. All too busy doing nano, I expect. Writing mentor maybe?
  • 21:01:09: RT @brizzly: "New Moon" fans: tweet #edward or #jacob (refresh your browser first) in Brizzly for a treat. Nothing will publish – it's j ...
  • 21:02:39: RT @brizzly: "New Moon" fans: tweet #edward or #jacob (refresh browser first) in Brizzly for a treat. Nothing will publish – just for you.
  • 21:06:31: Just to look at them, though, I prefer Bill from True Blood to either Edward or #jacob. True Blood has a great storyline too!
  • 21:07:16: RT @sbisson: Blown away by the first few pages of Elizabeth Bear's All The Windracked Stars. Powerful stuff that really grabs the reader.
  • 21:09:49: (That was FAO @matociquala who == Elizabeth Bear)
  • 21:10:16: RT @sbisson: @natalief remind me to lend you the Sookie books then! I have them as ebooks but am not reading very fast right now.

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