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Creativity quote

"The first law of exuberant imperfection is essentially this: The quickest, easiest way to produce something beautiful and lasting is to risk making something horribly crappy."
- Chris Baty (in "No Plot? No Problem!" - the NaNoWriMo book)

This (and further reading of this book, by email, using DailyLit) prove that this man knows me. Even though we have never met. Maybe he *is* me. Stranger things have happened, I am sure, especially within NaNoWriMo novel first drafts…

See also "THE MONTH-LONG NOVELIST AGREEMENT AND STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING" (all-caps his not mine - and I am aiming for 30k not 50k).

P.S. 0 words thus far today. Then again I was asleep for 12 hours - including all of the daylight hours.

/ 30,000 words for IndyWriMo
Chart of my Nov '09 IndyWriMo Progress

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