Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-19-2009

  • 16:54:58: No words as yet today. Still waking up. #wordcount
  • 17:00:25:
    - Guava flowers, all baked! (via @mcahogarth) Pretty!
  • 17:03:50: Wow. This is surely fiction?
  • 17:12:03: …and the words begin to flow.
  • 17:13:20: RT @ndixon: I wish online retailers would connect … marketing emails to their sales … keep getting sales promos for stuff I already bought.
  • 17:17:31: Random gut pain. Great.
  • 17:25:46: In these days of the intarwebz it is always #420 somewhere, especially #med420 ;-p
  • 17:30:57: I appear to have written 206 words about how a lift works. Not a bad thing in science fiction. ;-p
  • 18:08:52: pain is reducing and I have written 781 words so far but pain is stil nowhere near 0 #wordcount #paincount
  • 18:11:53: Wishing that Twitter would load my "default" list instead of all contacts like LJ does with the "Default list" LJFriends list.
  • 18:12:51: …and that all twitter clients would behave the same with regards to lists and retweet availability on protected account tweets.
  • 18:15:22: Knitting despite it being quiet enough to write. Pain is too distracting until meds kick in. Checked voicemail & made 2 phone calls though.
  • 19:55:46: Geen & Blacks Maya Gold tot chocolate made with Tesco sweetened soya milk! Om nom!
  • 19:56:26: RT @sbisson: "Remember all the outrage about Microsoft's Hailstorm?" Um, no?
  • 20:02:20: RT @mcahogarth: "Boiling potatoes and mining a shallot... next step, shredding cheese and frying some bacon." Sounds yummy! Mining shallot?
  • 20:06:35: These remind me of loo roll holders:
  • 20:26:05: It is official. @NeilCFord has magic thumbs that have unknotted the knot in my shoulder. I will forgve him the comment about my weird mind!
  • 20:27:45: Has an idea for fried grated potato, shallot and cabbage with garlic, bacon and then adding egg for an omelette or scramble. Maybe tomorrow.
  • 22:31:46: Old BBC News - "M&S Christmas TV ad 'offensive'" M&S Christmas TV ad 'offensive' They cannot be serious! :( *facepalm*

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