Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

How do I do IndyWriMo?

Copied from my reply to a post by fjm who asked us, "So: how do you do NaNoWriMo?":

I write when I can. When I am awake. When there is little enough pain. When it is quiet enough (or with earplugs in).

I find that, as soon as I load Scrivener, words start to pour out of my fingers and through the keyboard. Yes, I try to make sense and occasionally spot typos in the previous sentence or paragraph but I also try not to reread much as I go along. I am also finding that the word-flow seems to come in approximately 500-word chunks.

I initially started off trying to make sure that I wrote as soon as I woke up and did not let myself read the web or knit until I had written at least one chunk but now, two weeks later, I am just writing whenever it is possible for me to do so given the above constraints. I am doing IndyWriMo (30k target) and am a couple of days behind due to health and other hurdles. The original aim was 1k per day and that fell nicely into two 500-word chunks. Now I am just doing as many 500-word (or longer) chunks as I can as often as I can. A couple of days I have even done NaNo sized writing - between 1500 and 2k words!

I must admit that I am writing my fist longer-than-short-story piece of fiction and then again the first in many years which means that I am not even caring too much about plot or repetition. Butt in Chair and Words on Page. I will learn to edit/rewrite the first draft after I have written it!

I have just thought to add that I do not touch-type and so having to look at the keyboard as I type prevents me from being able to reread very much, anyway! All I do is spot the red wavy spelling-mistake likes in Scrivener as I glance up and then, in fixing those, I might spot other glaring errors in grammar and sense.

So: How do you do IndyWriMo or NaNoWriMo, if you do? How do you write if you don't?

/ 30,000 words for IndyWriMo
Chart of my Nov '09 IndyWriMo Progress

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