Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Thoughts about process


When hubby is playing on the Wii or watching TV, don't bother trying to write with headphones and music on - earplugs.

When You need to sleep some deep restful sleep - earplugs.

I buy them in bulk and so it is not like I am short of them, I just need to remember that they are there and to use them - earplugs.

I slept from about 23:30 until 03:30 and have just written 700+ words in the 30 minutes since then - both due to earplugs!

Going into my cave to write with the door shut may need to consist of both shutting the door and putting in earplugs, in future. Neighbour noise, cats and other noise in the house will not be an issue any longer when I want to concentrate. Yes, that means I will be writing in silence and not with my music but sometimes it seems that that is what I need to be able to put words to the keyboard.

*nods* This.

/ 30,000 words for IndyWriMo
Chart of my Nov '09 IndyWriMo Progress

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