Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-17-2009

  • 01:00:43: Using knitting and headphones in an attempt to noise cancel, relax and focus into the ZONE.
  • 16:59:10: Woke with a splitting headache. Only been awake 30 mins. Taken meds and drunk caffeine - now to resort to painkillers.
  • 17:00:37: #theresway2many days that I wake up with pain, be it headache, eye pain or back pain. #painkillerstime Like #stophammertime but less baggy.
  • 17:02:54: Error creating searches in @brizzly #bugreport
  • 17:08:04: RT @ylove: ok someone just walked into the #140conf smelling like a whole bunch of #420. just sayin...and it's during the cops panel! ROFL
  • 17:09:39: "Interesting panel on twitter use by police" #140conf (@mario) Sounds interesting. Wish there was a transcript!
  • 17:20:37: Just sayin'
  • 17:23:19: RT @jearle: "A retweet is a copy/paste. How can you stop that?" You can dissuade by removing the UI button (like @brizzly ). Just sayin'
  • 17:24:19: Damned pain. #med420 needed stat.
  • 17:45:31: GR. Again, @brizzly is not displaying my tweets and so I tweet it again and then have to delete one of the duplicates. #bugreport #justsayin
  • 19:12:24: re. Politicians apologising for country's previous actions THIS! ;-p
  • 20:04:50: Drawback to awesome painkiller's powers are sleepiness with same time the focus & motivation. Ironic. Worth it. 0 pain. Need 2 feedcats. zzz
  • 20:10:24: What a decision to make. Pain vs lethargy. An almost daily decision for many of us.
  • 23:05:33: It is no good. I cannot write during the day - too noisy - and am not nocturnal enough right now. 3 am is the best most silent time.
  • 23:07:08: 3 am is not feasible, though, when I have appointments the next day. Headphones and Underworld/Leftfield might help I guess.

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