Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-16-2009

  • 02:29:38: Just noticed that the retweet link is not there for all tweets in @brizzly . Is that at the Twitter/brizzly-level? Protected accounts? Cool!
  • 02:32:31: I *loved* tonight's #drwho #doctorwho and think that RTD leaving will be to the detriment of both Dr Who and #torchwood but change is good 2
  • 02:50:03: Zoo pics: favorites: (@cmpriest)
  • 02:52:37: We'll miss you! ;-p RT @NeilCFord: Deleted all Twitter apps from the iPhone. Much less tempting to check Twitter now :)
  • 02:53:45: Need to try to sleep soon but I am wide awake. Hospital appointment tomorrow lunchtime. Wonder if I can type on my netbook in the car?
  • 02:54:39: I have a LOT of words to write to get back on schedule for #IndyWriMo but if I don't manage it I will not be too sad - I have still written…
  • 02:55:25: …I have still written more words for this piece than for one piece of fiction ever before! I call that a win, to be honest!
  • 02:57:58: *wonders how often @brizzly check their tweets*
  • 02:59:14: #theresway2many
    "Tweeters are tweeting about things that there is far too many of. Unfortunately, useless tweets is not one of them." ;-p
  • 03:02:29: #theresway2many words that I would need to write for me to be able to get back on schedule for #indywrimo let alone #nanowrimo I don't care!
  • 03:47:19: "Writer" vs. "Author". Is an author a published writer? A writer of books? Are they the same? Thoughts please! #writing #whatsinaname
  • 03:51:11: re. my earlier query about @brizzly not displaying a retweet link for some tweets, I was right; it is protected accounts.
  • 03:51:48: Can't tell if it is at the @Twitter level or the @brizzly level because Twitter no longer is displaying retweet links for me.
  • 03:53:05: Whatever level it is being implemented at, it is a nice feature, not being able to retweet tweets from someone with a protected account.
  • 04:26:16: 731 words just came off my fingers and into Scrivener. They even make sense and have plot advancing capability! #wordcount
  • 04:37:53: Knitting to wind down before I try to sleep.
  • 15:06:15: Overheard in cafe from husband of disabled woman: "I'm getting you measured up for a Dalek suit!" Ultimate armor plated wheelchair! ;-p
  • 16:43:53: Nap time.

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