Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-15-2009

  • 19:17:39: The MonSter, aches, melting and serialised dreams ate all the plot-bunnies and spoons. *splat*
  • 19:20:33: Giving in and sleeping some more. You win MonSter, for now.
  • 21:12:27: Wooooooah! Dr Who!
  • 21:13:26: Awesome episode and a great performance by Tennant! #drwho #doctorwho
  • 21:14:36: RT @theyarnyard: Oooooh! The Master! Was it? In the trailer? I was not sure. #drwho #doctorwho
  • 21:16:55: Then again that may be because Nine reminds me a little of Four - who was *my* #drwho #doctorwho (and a smattering of Three).
  • 21:20:18: One way er could keep Tennant in #drwho as a baddie! RT @Danacea: Oh go on, make The Time Lord Victorious a bad guy. Now *that* would work!
  • 21:27:01: Damn we missed #drwho Confidential on BBCThree at 8 pm. Will have to iplayer it.

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