Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-14-2009

  • 03:11:10: Feeling cråp. Going to bed with a book.
  • 14:50:13: Mmm yesterdays unfinished and stored in the fridge Starbucks Hazelnut Soya Mocha reheated in the microwave and with some boiling water added
  • 14:50:48: It is even nicer reheated and slightly diluted! Nom.
  • 14:53:13: Plan: Build the week's meds & take meds. Write. Write some more. Ignore the Wii Fit that we should have waited until after November to buy!
  • 14:55:25: RT @simonpegg: It's crazy the emotion we expend on ephemera. Hate for Jedward, rage at Twilight, while death & injustice ignored, unchecked.
  • 14:57:20: Nasty weather outside. Gale force wind, torrential rain. Adding pain meds to the 'morning' regime for this weather-head. Don't want…
  • 14:58:43: Don't want two 0-word days in a row but that is what will happen if this head pain and muzziness does not abate! Cotton-wool-brain + ants ;/
  • 15:41:53: S'no good. Going back to bed with painkillers. Hope to be able to write later.
  • 18:20:38: 17:17: Only just waking up. Not eaten yet today either. At least weather and head are quieter now. Maybe can do today's plan now. Food 1st.✔
  • 18:32:46: …getting slammed with DM spam :( Trying to notify those w/ hacked accounts, but maybe we should all change our passwords… (via @doodurls)
  • 19:19:32: "Radcliffe denies drug allegations" The actor is currently filming Harry Potters and the Deathly Hallows PROOFREADPLEASE!

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