Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-13-2009

  • 06:47:38: I awoke in the throes of a choking fit. Fun. NOT!
  • 11:17:19: <brilliant news> South Downs signed into history as England's ninth national park (via @SussexWildlife)
  • 13:10:40: Vaccuumed the top floor. Knackered and melting. Hoping hubby will do stairs for me. Off to do downstairs.
  • 13:13:13: change of plans. hubby will do it. am to knackered/melting/fatigued.
  • 13:17:46: Also, guts are not happy and I have a splitting weatherhead. Not written a word since midnight, either. #wordcount
  • 13:20:21: I may need another 0-words-day. Would go back to bed but landlord is coming round later. Yeah, hence the vaccuuming! Meds+caffeine instead.

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