Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Writing thoughts

It turns out that the story I am writing is not going according to plan. It is not following the summary that I wrote towards the beginning. The plot bunnies are breeding and running off in all directions other than the one I had originally intended. I guess I should not complain and that I should just be grateful that I am writing but how do people/writers write a book that they have an advance for (based on a plot summary) if the story wants them to tell it differently? Not that that is going to be my problem for a while, I am sure, but I am curious.I am also tempted to rewrite the summary pretty much every day but will try to hold off doing so until the story is written.


/ 30,000 words for IndyWriMo
Chart of my IndyWriMo Progress, 2009

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