Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-12-2009

  • 00:15:22: LOL! RT @qikipedia: The world's largest Burger King is in Budapest - it has an enormous neon advert for McDonalds on its roof.
  • 00:48:19: It still works in clients and Brizzly though: RT @twitter: Retweet feature temporarily disabled
  • 00:49:50: The double vision is being more random then usual tonight. That probably explains the headaches and eyepain today.
  • 00:50:28: Missed this! RT @theyarnyard: It's officially nearly Christmas. M&S ad on the telly... with Gene Hunt!
  • 14:01:02: Reading BBC News and drinking tea. Waking up. Will be writing soon. #wordcount
  • 14:49:36: Having fun on wordr while I finish waking up and before I make #wordcount
  • 14:51:03: Going twitter-public again - lets see how that goes.
  • 15:13:21: Doing research for the NaNovel. Wikipedia FTW.
  • 15:14:28: Isn't that more commonly known as a clue-bat? ;-p : RT @NeilCFord: "@LizUK baseball bat with nails in it, that's what you need :)"
  • 15:15:13: Gonna have to resort to headphones. Ambient/background noise is the death of concentration for me.
  • 15:16:17: It was always my bane when programming for a living. Speakerphones in the next cube and loud conversations. Headphones + music FTW.
  • 15:18:27: Even better - using the same albums that I used to listen to back then puts me straight into the focus/concentration mode. ;-p
  • 15:41:04: 379 words so far today. Need to ponder plot. #wordcount
  • 15:43:20: It is not good that I can feel the beat of nextdoor/downstairs music despite my own headphones being on pretty loud. Ah well.
  • 15:54:10: No point trying to concentrate for now. Guh.
  • 16:22:03: wordr being language-ist/racist/xenophobic:
  • 16:25:27: wordr change request / bug report:
  • 17:39:00: 1111 words so far today. Sometimes the words write themselves! #wordcount #nanowrimo #indywrimo
  • 17:44:33: Me too with mine! : RT @manictheatrefan: I am so in love with my NaNovel right now *hugs novel*
  • 17:48:45: This: RT @topfife: @wordr you already do have a search function - enter a word, say it, find out who else said it

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