Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Tonight's word-count

The story is still telling itself by making my fingers type it out whenever I sit at the open Scrivener window. I really want to do this for a living but am having a moment of low confidence that nobody would want to read what I write. Well, in this case I am writing it because I have to write it. It is writing itself through me. If someone wants to read it all well and good. I wish I had more self confidence and that one small throw-away comment could not demolish me, like it can and does.

P.S. The wordcount meter in the footer of this post never updates in time. I have written 8076 words at time of typing this.

/ 30,000 words for IndyWriMo
Chart of my IndyWriMo Progress, 2009

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Tags: indywrimo, nanowrimo, writing

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