Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Another great description …

… of life with multiple sclerosis. One of the more depressing features / facets / symptoms that so many of us get. Makes me feel that I am about 120 years old and has done since before I was diagnosed at age 30. Yes, we all get this a little as we age, but at 30? Actually, I was starting to experience this at 'high school' (age 11 - 16). I am coming to terms with it now (12 years later) along with the other abilities that the MS has stolen from me.
Non-idiotic people who happen to have MS. - Stuck In Old Lodi Again
My reply:
I rarely go outdoors alone now and no longer drive (double vision and vertigo) but I can do this over and over again all day within the flat. Walking downstairs to the kitchen and then going back upstairs to get the cup that I came downstairs to fill up, for example. Exhausting but, at least it is keeping me fit!
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