Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-05-2009

  • 00:56:18: I have caught up and hit my 4k deadline for #IndyWriMo today. I still have no idea if anyone else other than me would want to read this but…
  • 00:57:09: …the more I write, the more I need to write. I *think* that this is a good thing, and I am really enjoying it.
  • 01:20:51: Some more info about PwMS and the H1N1 vaccine:
  • 02:23:18: Sleepy now. A later night than the last few and loads to do tomorrow.
  • 07:34:51: Woken by Smudge. Splitting headache. "dagger" in forehead above right eye. Going back to bed with painkillers and earplugs.
  • 09:30:52: Painkillers worked and earplugs have helped but the words are running around in my head and screaming at me to write them & I haven't slept.
  • 10:20:31: Written the meta that was screaming at me. No real content/wordcount, though. Tea.
  • 12:20:33: I have written (not WriMo), drunk tea, eaten breakfast and am falling alseep again. Will have to write these thoughts down later.
  • 12:20:52: Hope I remember these thoughts once I have slept!
  • 18:04:05: Issue 45 of Take a Break is out today. I am not keen on their cheesy writing voice/style, but there is an interview with me on page 55…
  • 18:05:45: …as part of a 3 page special about knitting & health. Thank crikey they didn't include a photo of me! if it increases knitting I don't mind.
  • 18:07:16: Feeling pretty rough today and have slept a lot. have managed just over 500 words so far and may manage the rest later!
  • 20:06:32: Is wondering what #tuttle is and reading the trend does not help. Some kind of meeting? Am about to try writing some more while veg steams.
  • 20:06:56: s/trand/hashtag/
  • 20:07:12: s/trand/trand/ lol

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