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WriMo meta, or Writing About Writing

- writing ≥ everything else
When the words are running around in my head and screaming at me to get them written down, that is what I have to do before I forget them. Sorry cats, you will have to wait for hubby to feed you.

- wordcount targets are both a boon and a bane
The story is writing itself but I find myself padding and adding words - which I would never normally do - just so that I can make the wordcount. I guess that is only to be expected when doing WriMo but it feels wrong and at the same time I cannot stop doing it. The other thing I need to try to learn not to do is to stop as soon as I have reached some arbitrary wordcount target.

- contemplating posting my WriMo writings to LJ
I am only writing a first draft and I may never even get around to editing it into a second draft. The problem with posting it anywhere on the web is that most publishers would consider it to have been published and then refuse to touch it. I also worry about someone else plagiarising my ideas, writing a better version of them and getting it published.
Then again, posting it to LJ would mean that I could find out if it is something that anyone other than me would be interested to read.
Something that makes posting it to LJ as I go along is that I am writing in a random order as the ideas come to me rather than in the order that the story happens. I would have to do a lot of reordering of content in the first edit to make it a readable story.
I also keep wanting to remove pieces of the writing or make setting/world changes because they do not work. My inner editor is sulking at me BIG-time because I cannot do that otherwise I would screw up my wordcount. The problem is that I am finding it hard to write on from there without making the changes because to carry on writing and for the story to make sense I need the changes to have been made or assume that they have. This makes it even less likely that posting it to LJ would be a good idea. There would be glaring continuity errors.
I do not fear constructive criticism, but I do know that such concrit would also sabotage the WriMo process making me want to edit as I go along even more.

- IndyWriMo vs NaNoWriMo and my messed up head
I am making the IndyWriMo target of about 1000 words per day (aiming for 30k words by the end of the month) but the over-achieving perfectionist in me is desperate to make the 50k target within November. Already the fact that I am not managing that is weighing on my mind and threatening to make me give up now. I really need to push througnh this and try to unlearn the mess in my head that makes me not even try to do something in case I 'fail'. I need to learn to try, to practice and to learn.

So, my current plan it to occasionally post about WriMo rather than post what I have written. I am waiting for the NaNo widgets to start working so that I can post a wordcount bar in my journal sidebar and occasionally post a wordcount bar within the LJs themselves. In the meantime, my NaNo page is here.

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Chart of my IndyWriMo Progress, 2009
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