Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-04-2009

  • 00:04:28: Too sleepy, again, to write any more tonight. Am a little behind even on my 30k target let alone my 50k target. GN all!
  • 09:59:51: Managed to sleep in until 08:30 today - 8-9 hours sleep! This writing and using my imagination makes me sleepy enough to sleep!
  • 10:01:04: An invite code for Brizzly, good for the first 10 people to use it. I just wish that they had implemented Lists!
  • 11:38:44: Up to 3000 words now. Time for breakfast and a shower. Back on target for IndyWriMo at least! As long as I write another 1k later… ;-p
  • 11:40:22: Oh, BTW, I frogged all 16" of hubby's sweater body/trunk that I had knitted on too-small needles and have started reknitting it.
  • 11:41:11: I am also progressing slowly with untangling that sock yarn. I have had to cut the yarn once but I *will* do it without cutting it again! ;/
  • 11:41:25: Right - food and shower.
  • 11:56:28: Ah. :( Bittorrent would kill our bandwidth limit. Ah well.
  • 11:57:26: Okay - that was food. Now shower time.
  • 12:30:55: 8-10 secs of every 25 in the shower being ice cold would be great in August. In Nvember? Not so great. Time to phone/email the landlord. ;-/
  • 12:33:17: At least I am fed, clean (I hope!), medicated and dressed! Less worn out without the shower being nice and hot. Silver lining, maybe.

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