Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Request/call for flash fiction prompts

I would like to be able to write to other people's prompts and therefore am asking for you guys to leave prompts in the comments. I will try to write one of them every now and then and will post the results. These will probably be pretty short bursts of writing, hence "flash fiction". Alternatively, if you'd like to email them to me, natalief at livejournal dot com should work.

Yes, I know I am doing NaNo/Indy WriMo at the moment. I know I have not written more than a few notes about things I want to add to the "novel". Less plot and more "what else I can write as part of the book that is not narrative prose or conversation". I seem to be pushing the boundaries a bit, here, which may not be wise for a first "longer than short story" piece of writing but, doing it this way, it is almost lots of smaller flash-like sections and I won't get bored / blocked.

Crossposted to natnowrimos and natf.

Chart of my IndyWriMo Progress, 2009
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