Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 11-01-2009

  • 12:15:20: In the process of building my new iTunes library, I seem to no longer be able to see the iPhone apps I have bought in iTunes. *headdesk*
  • 13:01:11: Wishing that I had bought new lenses/glasses before November started.
  • 13:02:27: Taking a break at 1046 words for some breakfast. #nanowrimo #indywrimo
  • 13:37:18: Hubby is watching F1 on the TV so my breakfast break from writing is longer than originally intended. Knitting-break. ;-p
  • 23:40:49: Wow! 1679 words so far today!
  • 23:42:17: Stopping with the writing for the day. pretty sleepy actually so may sleep soon.

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