Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


A Tale of Friendship, Cosmic Justice, and a Lesson Possibly Learned. I have 3" x 5" cards printed with a notice that they are breaking the law and sometimes remember to put said cards on these inconsiderate sods' windscreens.

auditory distractions... I have CAPD-like symptoms. Whether CAPD itself (undiagnosed) or part of the MonSter or Migraines, I don't know. This might explain more about my memory problems.

Are We Seeing The Rise Of Alzheimer's Horror? Creepy with an element of truth. I hate losing parts of my mind, already but, to be honest, once I lose enough of my mind I will no longer know that I used to have it.

I will update this post now and then with more links instead of posting lots of small link posts. I will likely *also* post smaller link posts.

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