Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 10-29-2009

  • 05:14:45: Sleep time. Up past the time that the birds start to sing. Again. I'll be awake again by 10 am once the BANGIN' CHOONS start downstairs. ;-/
  • 08:37:56: 2.5 hours sleep is > 0, I suppose. Damned pain woke me up. At least it brought me my opening lines…
  • 10:50:38: Painkillers are starting to work, cats have been fed and I have spodded, read & knitted but I am now feeling sleepy and so back to bed I go!
  • 11:32:41: So much for sleep. It is apparently overrated. Downstairs' music is making my floor shake. Again.
  • 14:42:53: Was going to say WTB Yarn Swift. Now it is too late and my lovely 100% Merino Ivy Brambles SockScene yarn may just be fit for the bin. :(((
  • 14:45:39: Shoot ne now, please? :( -

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