Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 10-26-2009

  • 23:03:40: Going to bed so I can try to wake up in the morning tomorrow instead of sleeping all day like today. If I wake up again in a few hours …
  • 23:04:36: … instead then I will have at least tried and will have got a bit of sleep. I am sleepy right now so I will try to sleep. Makes sense to me.
  • 23:05:33: Have taken my meds and done my jab. Have knitted and eaten a lovely meal cooked by @NeilCFrod that was both breakfast and dinner for me.
  • 23:06:56: Not written "today" but then I have only been awake for 4 hours. Hopefully if I can wake up in the morning tomorrow I can do some NatNo prep
  • 23:09:41: Maybe, too the sleep will be enough for me to recover from going out and being social yesterday and to stave off this cough/aches/thang.
  • 23:10:46: Okay. Putting down the knitting and keyboard, stepping away from the desk and taking my book to bed. GN all…

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