Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Okay, getting ill would NOT be appreciated!

Coughing, achy, headachy and hot-then-cold-then-hot-then-…

Yes, I am still awake. No I have not slept yet. I only woke up at just before noon yesterday and, despite GOING.OUT.SIDE!!! and visiting mum for a while, I have not had an overly strenuous day.

That said, I REALLY do not want to get ill unless I also get better before November. I am still plotting and mulling my NatNoWriMos planning and snowflaking whilst knitting and reading and…ing…

I could really do without getting ill. I know I thought I had a cold coming the other week but that petered out pretty quickly. I can only *beg geek* that this will as well.

*takes paracetamol and goes to bed*
Tags: symptom diary

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