Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Have created yet another community

After reading some blog posts about other people's takes on NaNoWriMo 1, I have decided to take the pressure off myself a little and do NatNoWriMos instead (Natalie's Novel Writing Months). I have also created a community by that name (i.e. natnowrimos) which I may or may not use to post stuff to - maybe that way I will not flood your friends pages with angsty, "I am a failure at writing!" posts unless you decide to add the comm!

I have not yet decided what my target will be, whether 50k or 30k or 10k. I have also taken the pressure off myself a little by calling it "… MonthS" and so do not HAVE to finish it all in one month but still may aim to. I know what I am like. If I set a definite deadline and target I will talk myself out of being able to do it. If I don't set them then I might do twice as much in half as much time! Also, this way I am less likely to just give up if I get ill.

1 e.g. Kaz Mahoney who is doing 30k instead of 50k because she is a writer and has other deadlines.
Tags: community, natnowrimos, writing

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