Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 10-18-2009

  • 02:21:28: Vision is skewing and I am cold so I may as well try to sleep (having slept for most of the day already)…
  • 02:25:20: BTW, I have LOVED the first 12 episodes of Dollhouse on the DVDs!
  • 02:33:16: My cold seems to be re-emerging. Time for bed indeed.
  • 18:38:12: Sadly @Brizzly can't see Twitter so tweeting from @Twitter itself. :(
  • 18:38:47: It is SO difficult to keep my eyes open for more than a few minutes. Damn cold or whatever it is.
  • 18:40:49: Responding to network connectivity problems (via @twitter)
  • 18:42:47: Our buddy Twitter is having trouble serving some of its clients, us included. We'll know more as they … (via @brizzly)
  • 18:44:25: Only been awake for a total of two or three hours or so today in two bursts. Feel like I could sleep for a month or a year. Maybe I should…?
  • 18:59:22: My calendar has no idea - anyone know why I can hear three seperate sets of fireworks going off tonight? Scared cats are scared. &hungry LOL
  • 19:00:28: Also, @brizzly seems to be back so @twitter must have fixed their problem! Yay!

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