Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 10-15-2009

  • 04:25:43: I have 9 Spotify invites. If you want one, DM me your email address. ( )
  • 05:16:26: I have cast this on item 6 times now and I can't keep my eyes open. Every time I count the stitches of this last attempt I get a dif num.
  • 05:17:11: BTW, is it possible to be allergic to 100% Acrylic yarn? My eyes are itching furiously, more every time I frog this!!
  • 05:25:59: gn all
  • 14:05:56: It's rainsnowing. Or snowraining. Horizontally. (via @mollydotcom) We call that "sleet" in the UK, land of weather.
  • 16:44:13: My "day" has consisted of waking up, listening to music, reading the web, knitting, eating breakfast and taking meds. Going back to bed now.
  • 16:44:47: Geeks inherited the earth a while ago but were too shy to make a big deal out of it. (via @jearle) Indeed.
  • 19:15:29: OOOOOOOsh! Front Kick. Back Kick. Round Kick. Punch. (via @theyarnyard) Karate? Kick boxing? Tan Su Do?
  • 19:15:50: Wow - Washington State only authorises new text books every 18 years. How can you educate for now with yesterday's tools? (via @sbisson) EEK
  • 19:29:47: "The Virtual Paintout" Awesome idea for the housebound! Painting Google Street View.

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