Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 10-13-2009

  • 05:18:43: Oops - Still awake at 05:20. This is becoming a habit but at least I have the neck knitted on the thirt try of a sweater for @NeilCFord… ;-p
  • 05:19:39: RT @tallin32: I mean, I accidentally convinced one random person that I had a guide rabbit. #mindgames ROFLMAO!
  • 05:21:22: Ah well - gn all - gonna try that sleep thang…
  • 13:24:08: Am up and showered. Am thinking of going into town.
  • 14:05:06: Boarded the bus and have just set off.
  • 14:25:37: Brunch in macdonalds
  • 14:42:06: Ooooo free wifi in maccaDs!
  • 14:44:30: Free as in TheCloud free to O2 iPhone data customers… ☻
  • 19:41:30: Walking round town with my faulty vertigo hold was productive but exhausting. Was picked up and fed by @NeilCFord, cats fed now nap b4 csi:m
  • 19:46:38: Morning math: tea+futon+dog+afghans=<3 (via @matociquala) I always loved maths! Do cats add to the formula? We have cats not dog.
  • 19:48:34: Why is there interest in developing a cannabis-based medicine for MS? (via @MSTrust) Coz it works vs. Pain etc.

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