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The state of me

Not a new symptom but a new presentation of symptoms. I will describe:

Inside my head is a balloon. It is full of gel, not air, and somehow there are bees in there too - or more likely wasps, them being so evil and cruel. These buzzing insects are somehow buzzing around in the gel in the balloon in my head and this all sounds like a cross between the hissing that an untuned transistor radio or black and white TV used to make, the hissing of gas escaping from a gas main and the buzzing of said bees through gel but the sounds keep on changing and warping into each other. Imagine any or all of these noises as if through blocked ears having just got out of the swimming pool and sometimes as if heard whilst underwater. This is a new 'development' in my constant (for about 15-20 years now) tinnitus, although it may just as likely go back to 'normal for me' tinnitus in a few days.

At the same time, the balloon of gel and bees is sloshing around in my head making my balance system shot to pot and back. Each time I move my head, the balloon sloshes around (whilst buzzing and hissing, of course) and my eyes seem to move at the speed of the gel inside the balloon inside my head and not the speed of my face out here in the air. Every movement takes a couple of seconds for my awareness to catch up with. Even when I am at rest / stationary, my awareness is fighting against the still rotating gel (and bees!) in my head and it seems as if the world is rotating without me. Yeah - vertigo, but a new and 'improved', double strength version.

I will give it a few more days (my vertigo has been bad for weeks and I have just been 'coping' with it (or not!)) and if it does not do the usual MS, "All fixed now!" then I will email my neuro and/or MS nurse and/or see my GP.

Just remembered - I have some Stugeronstemetil (OTC cinnarizine travel sickness pills that work for vertigo for me but usually just knock me out) somewhere that I could try if it does not get better soon.

Then again, this is all assuming that these 'developments' are only a mini/pseudo/relapse/exacerbation and not a progression into secondary progressive multiple sclerosis' potential future hell of, "Here are the new symptoms that you will have to live with forever with the option to worsen them!"

Tags: ms, symptom diary, tinnitis, vertigo

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