Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

HELP: Knitting gauge / tension woes

I am knitting up gauge/tension squares for a sweater I want to knit. The pattern calls for 20 st over 10 cm in stocking stitch (stockinette / st st) and 20 st over 10 cm in pattern. It suggests 4.5 mm needles. Thus far my samples are knitting up as:

NeedleSt / 10 cm st stSt / 10 cm pattern
4 mm2326
4.5 mm2124
5 mm20.522
5.5 mm{to knit}22 OKAY NOW I GIVE UP!!!

So, which needle size would you suggest? There is no stocking stitch / stockinette in the sweater and so I am not sure why they have mentioned a guideline for it to be honest but I am still nowhere near to 20 stitches of pattern even on a size larger needles - and I know my gauge/tension does not always stay constant hour by hour let alone week by week as I knit a sweater…
Tags: knitting

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