Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Holland and Barrett website ordering grief

I ordered from the above mentioned website using my Visa Electron card. At no time was I informed that they do not accept Visa Electron (unless it was in illegible small-print somewhere).

I then received an email from their "customer service" department (excerpt copy/pasted):

from HB Custsrv <>
to {me}
date 23 September 2009 13:51
subject Internet Rejected Order

Dear Customer

Unfortunately we were unable to process your order as your credit card details appear to be incorrect.

Your order is still on our system and we would appreciate you contacting us in order to advise us how you wish to proceed.

Please contact us by return on 0870 606 6605 ( Int 0044 1283 560056) in order for us to process your order, or advise us should you wish to cancel.

Please note that we do not accept Visa Electron or American Express.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards
{name redacted}
Customer Services
Holland & Barrett Direct
Tel: 0870 606 6606
Int: 0044 1283 560011

I have just sent the following reply:

My card details were correct. However, yet again, being one of the few websites that do not allow me to use my Visa Electron card as a Visa card (and a badly coded site at that because it does not tell me there and then that I cannot use Visa Electron and instead allows me to progress through to the completion of the order with said card and with no warning), I have now phoned (despite my disability making phone use difficult) and used my Mastercard instead.

PLEASE can you fix your website to either allow the use of Visa Electron or to WARN ME when I use my Visa Electon card (there are ways that the website code tell, believe me, I used to be a programmer!) and allow me to select another card and number THERE AND THEN so that I no longer have to keep PHONING you. I have multiple sclerosis and so WILL have forgotten that I cannot use Visa Electron on your site once I next need to order from you. Also, unless the page's code actually checks the card type from the card number and TELLS ME THEN so that I can change card, I may just have to order from another, better programmed and tested website!

As a side note, the operator that I have just dealt with on the phone was very dismissive and rude. She seemed uninterested that I had experienced difficulty using your site to order. There ought to be a way for her to report my dissatisfaction up the chain of command (yes, I have written call-centre recording, logging, monitoring and assessment programs in the past as well!) without just sticking to her script as if her life depended on it (regardless of how much stress, discomfort she was adding to my already upset and so increasingly ill demeanor).

So that you know, I will be blogging this exchange and my experience of ordering from your website. I have a large international readership of both able bodied and disabled persons. You might consider that fixing your website code and your call-centre staff/agent training would be better for business than what happened here.

Natalie Ford (Mrs)

Long and rambling? Maybe. Used capitals? YUP! Do I care? NO! I HAD to vent at them and have tried to show them that I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! Yeah, at least one of you will probably tell me that I did something wrong here. That is not what I need, to be honest.

All comments screened because this is a public post. I am hoping that it gets onto google and does H&B's image some harm.

Please link to this as much as you can!

ETA: I have just had a reply. Not bad, I guess, but I will still try not to use H&B until they fix this problem.

HB Custsrv to me

Good morning Natalie

Many thanks for your email.

We are currently unable to accept payment by this method at the present time, due to us not having a live link to the bank. Our orders are stores on a server, and sent in batches to the bank. Our IT department in the US are currently trying to find a solution to this problem, so we can accept Visa Electron in the future.

Your comments have been passed to the relevant department.

It is always our aim to offer our customers the best possible service and I am truly sorry that you have had the need to complain and I would like to thank you for your valuable feedback as this helps us to maintain and improve the level of service that we provide.

Kind Regards
{name redacted}

Customer Services
Holland & Barrett Direct

Please note that we now have gift vouchers available in denominations of £5 & £10.
An excellent gift idea.
Tel: 0870 606 6606
Int: 0044 1283 560011
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