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From Twitter 08-17-2009

  • 01:51:07: @ndixon They do A4? How do you make the yellow card look like white paper?
  • 01:52:29: @tatty73 Sleep when you need to. That is what I have learned to allow myself to do now that I am unable to work. Sleep days, awake nights.
  • 03:51:52: Awake, still, as usual. Knitting, reading the web (loads left to read!) and waiting for painkillers to work vs. back spasms.
  • 04:11:03: Catching up on the Mentalist on DemandFive. I am a few episodes behind. Glad they don't only show last 7 days like iPlayer!
  • 06:24:40: Still not manage to sleep…
  • 15:48:10: @jasonjarrett I post a lot of links but am not a bot, I promise!
  • 15:49:04: @jasonjarrett I remember the MRI scan from my MS diagnosis process. I slept too! ;-p
  • 16:07:10: That's the way to do it http://bit.ly/1a4GOP (via @jordancats) I love these!
  • 16:14:41: For my writer friends and followers: Cat Waxing and Colour-Coordinated Pens http://bit.ly/89fTh
  • 16:21:46: The Septic's Companion | British Slang Dictionary (was: English to American Dictionary) http://bit.ly/2FQUk Useful!
  • 16:24:10: Okay, when cleaning and flossing does not remove the food between teeth, what to do next?
  • 16:25:01: Software sales people that insist you can install Windows Mobile software on an iPhone should be shot! (via @NeilCFord) Shooting's too good!
  • 16:25:17: Has seen teaser, trailer and concept arts for new Blake's7. The Liberator is bloody awesome! (via @ndixon) Wanna see!
  • 16:26:46: Stunning Pic: Royal Naval College, Greenwich http://ow.ly/keEM - HDR was not used! (via @AmazingPics) Can do that with PS shadows/highlights
  • 16:32:42: @ninthspace Ah good point! Thanks for reminding me! *digs out the TePes* *bemoans MonSter-eaten memory*
  • 16:34:25: @ninthspace Yay that worked! ;-p
  • 16:35:07: @jearle The site is called 'one shot', though…
  • 16:35:28: @jearle Shooting in raw and PS S/H FTW!
  • 16:43:00: @jearle Or, "OneXposure", more accurately.
  • 16:44:15: @jearle (already added you on flickr BTW)
  • 16:45:13: Any day you can walk away from is a good one. (via @matociquala) And if you can't walk?
  • 16:45:43: Going off-twitterverse for a while.
  • 16:49:53: Feeling very blurry. Also more back spasms and pain. Taking painkillers and "painkiller".
  • 18:07:20: Painkillers and "painkiller" are all very well but they do make me sleepy…
  • 18:49:35: @fluffymuppet so those of us that already have your book from amazon.co.uk are inofficial owners and readers? Publishing indus. confuses me!
  • 18:57:05: MEEEEELTING!!! nap

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