Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 08-13-2009

  • 00:13:40: RT: @guilhermeland: N00b boyfriend via @cesarsl (via @lich_king) I laughed out loud (or ell oh elled)!
  • 00:18:04: Have a little one heading off to school? …he/she'd love…knit critter backpacks. (via @knittingnews) No kid. I WANT ONE!
  • 01:32:44: Aaaaaaamd my guts rebel, yet again…
  • 01:33:10: @NeilCFord The backpack!
  • 01:38:17: I eat pizza/cr@p and my gut is happy. We cook and eat a real meal and it objects. I think I should just stop eating. ☹
  • 12:42:00: Awake for nearly 2 hours. Feels like 5 mins. Damn MonSter-eaten time perception.
  • 12:45:11: @mollydotcom *hugs* and luck with the ortho
  • 12:47:31: Wishlist:
  • 13:51:24: apparently the adamantium option is a no go. Not perfected. Damn x-men. (via @mollydotcom) ;-p *hug*
  • 13:57:18: @laserone "The URL contained a malformed video ID."
  • 13:58:24: @laserone Here you go:
  • 14:03:46: … If you haven't seen the Ultra Deep Field Galaxies video yet, take 4 minutes now (and click HD) (via @laserone)
  • 14:05:02: @stephenfry NPL = National Physical Laboratory? I did my MSc IT placement there.
  • 14:14:32: via @imjustcreative/@vipvirtualsols - stunning Sand Animation video from Ukraine's Got Talent (via @pixeldiva)
  • 14:28:15: TwitterPoll: you are a superhero. What is your primary super power? (via @mollydotcom) Flight but more like levitation with speedy movement
  • 16:16:33: Despite sleeping deeply for HOURS last night & this morning, I am falling asleep after eating some breakfast and doing some chores. Also, …
  • 16:16:54: … I am bunged up - be it allergies or a cold I am not sure.
  • 16:23:34: Meds and chillout
  • 17:16:53: Feeling pretty cr@p. Praying pain meds work b4 WoW raid at 20:00.

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