Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 08-11-2009

  • 11:26:41: Pondering having only DMs SMSed.
  • 11:29:56: I see that Nabaztag has gone bankrupt. Are all the wifi bunnies waving their ears in silent salute? (via @sbisson) Sad.
  • 11:30:18: Order your MS Trust Christmas cards before the end of August and get free p&p (via @MSTrust)
  • 11:33:00: @regularjen I feel the same about HootSuite ( URLs) as you do about FriendFeed. Signed up for both. Use neither.
  • 11:33:33: … completely uninterested in friendfeed. I find links that take me there instead of directly to the content annoying. :/ (via @regularjen)
  • 11:52:06: Updating iPhone and performing some Twitter follower housekeeping/prunning.
  • 12:21:19: Taking meds. Not blocking *everyone* but quite a few: FTW #twerpscan
  • 12:48:39: Just before falling back into bed, realising that I may be hungry and opting for breakfast instead.
  • 12:59:34: Could someone plz DM me to test SMSs?
  • 13:00:42: Can people spot the HUGE error in this wrong headed US piece on the NHS? Let alone all the rest ... (via @sbisson)
  • 13:01:41: TY for the test DMs!
  • 13:14:06: @lyricrat kiss the girl
  • 13:35:23: @lyricrat the got me sitting in the state pen
  • 13:38:40: @lyricrat It occurred to me, the suckers got authority
  • 13:39:09: is twittering completely starkers (via @petecooper) TMI!
  • 13:40:41: Am wondering if @lyricrat is even uning any more - last tweet was 9 days ago. :(
  • 13:40:51: running*
  • 13:43:54: Anyone know why some podcasts in iTunes (e.g. @steohenfry's) sometimes insist on downloading all of the episodes again?
  • 13:45:32: Despite meds and food I am going back to bed after all.
  • 13:57:28: Sleep may be tricky though. Loud hammering downstairs.
  • 17:14:47: @mssocietyuk "This video is private" :(
  • 17:27:14: Yay! Thanks everyone for the test DMs - I am now only getting DMs by SMS!
  • 17:31:35: Boycotts against Aussie wool producers who use controversial practice of "mulesing" on sheep. (via @sandblondon)
  • 18:11:23: Feeling very blurry. Non-day.
  • 18:50:54: @rebeccakoconnor Awww! Thank you! *hugs*
  • 19:02:34: Had a bad night last night that even thc could not help me.. (via @MS_Bloggers) Links to Intriguing.
  • 19:04:09: Toronto was just treated with an amazing lightning show (via @petapixel) (via @AmazingPics)
  • 21:55:26: @mssocietyuk You maybe need to turn off those automatic video tweets - they are a bit spammy. ;-p
  • 21:55:41: New article on depression in MS: (via @MSTrust)
  • 22:03:08: has posted an update and would love it if everyone would repost this to any/all sites they frequent... (via @alumiere)
  • 22:16:56: Is it me, or is this just crazy? Check out the $ of this knit-kit on this high-fashionista site (via @knittingnews) Crazy!
  • 22:47:08: @natalief kiss the girl by ashley tisdale (via @lyricrat) No. "Miss the girl", Siouxsie and the Banshees.
  • 22:48:46: @natalief deuce5 to life by xraided (via @lyricrat) No, "Black Steel" by Tricky, again.
  • 22:49:14: black steel by tricky (via @lyricrat) Indeed. You got 1/3 right.

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