Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 08-06-2009

  • 01:09:21: @natalief (via @petecooper) "Wireless Electricity Monitor"?
  • 10:41:52: No ice! Ice machine is full of water but says it is empty! :( also, have run out of Moroccan Mint Green Tea!
  • 10:49:01: I think I may die without ice in this heat. Thank $deity I am supposed to be going out today. *melts*
  • 10:49:57: Smudge is doing so much better! She seems to have eaten all of breakfast and is asking for more - like Pixel! I just gave them a small snack
  • 10:50:49: My weird body - water without ice makes me nauseous!
  • 10:51:55: @sbisson Get well soon! My guts are still not happy...
  • 11:08:15: Feeling really rough but dosing myself up to the gills - I only have 4 more sessions left available to me and so do not want to cancel! :(
  • 11:09:21: @petecooper I just cannot work out why you are sending me electricity monitor links! ;-p
  • 11:10:58: Got a text asking you to forward a msg to 10 friends for free credit? Don't, it's a hoax. Text it to our SPAM team on 7726 instead! (via @O2
  • 11:12:29: @natalief cos it does temp and humidity (via @petecooper) Oh! Missed that LOL!
  • 11:14:01: Painkillers, morning meds and Colpermin taken. Fingers crossed that it all works soon.
  • 11:45:11: Meds not working yet. REALLY don't want to have to cancel but if they don't work soon I cannot venture out. Need to go to the bank too! Guh.
  • 11:52:14: It's raining again :( (via @fluffymuppet) Send your rain this way? We could do with it to lower the humidity a bit! The plants'll love yours
  • 11:53:36: I am going to have to cancel today's appointment. Guts too messed up for Colpermin to deal with. That really sucks! :(
  • 12:01:26: Session cancelled. She is away for two weeks as well so next session not until 27th.
  • 12:02:24: @fluffymuppet Could well be. *hug* I sometimes wonder if my internal weather station reads humidity the same way that others do, though! ;-p
  • 12:04:10: Either the MonSter hates me or I hate my body or a bit of both. Gutted that once again the body/MonSter stops me in my tracks. Life? Marvin.
  • 12:04:30: @Hedgewytch Thank you. *hugs back*
  • 12:05:36: At least I am getting non-essential stuff done in the interim. Have transferred all my WoW web tabs to Shiira. Smaller footprint than Safari
  • 12:06:43: @fluffymuppet Yeah @petecooper sent me a link. It is worse, too, because the ice machine is on strike! :(
  • 12:12:34: *crosses everything* Had turned ice machine off for a while and now it seems to be working again! It was probably sleepy or something. LOL!!
  • 12:13:19: @NeilCFord Had tried that (not at mains just off button on machine) and it has worked! *crosses everything)
  • 12:13:41: @fluffymuppet We do have ice cube trays but also a full to overflowing freezer ;-p
  • 12:48:48: @stephintoronto Bags of ice? Where from? What?
  • 12:49:26: @stephintoronto Do I even know you? *confused*
  • 12:51:20: Going off-twitter. Gonna try a shower. Maybe a nap. Maybe some WoW. So much random "advice" from random twerps. Failing to cope.
  • 17:16:16: MELTING. Feeling cráp. Ice machne manual seems to think it needs service. Coolant maybe. BUM. May have a raid tonight if I feel well by then

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