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Nat S Ford

From Twitter 08-04-2009

  • 00:04:45: easy pug exercise (youtube) (via @petecooper) Our cats love the laser pointer and go equally mad! I need to find it. ;-p
  • 09:18:27: Smudge is not well. Has been bringing her food back for a couple of days but now will not eat. Vet appointment at 11:40. Mum's taking us. :(
  • 09:18:50: @iolanthe Thank you!
  • 09:20:02: @NorwichGrrl Palimpsest arrived this morning (for my birthday) from! YAY!
  • 10:27:40: @jearle Thank you.
  • 11:00:29: @iknitlondon I wish I could get there for the sale!
  • 11:01:27: Need tea. Moroccan Mint Green, of course. Mum will be here at 11:15 to go to the vet.
  • 11:02:39: Yarn on a cone sale. Starts 11am today! (via @iknitlondon) Aforementioned sale.
  • 11:10:32: Want want want.
    In blue please, in case @ndixon is watching. ;) (via @regularjen) Goodness - me too!
  • 11:12:23: Must try to attack my TBR pile. At least I don't have a TBR bookshelf or room like hubby and a friend!
  • 12:19:58: @NeilCFord To play with maybe...
  • 12:21:30: Smudge has done an impression of a pincushion (antibiotic, steroid, NSAID, anti-nausea and something I forget). Vet Josie said some bug name
  • 12:22:25: If Smudge is worse tomorrow I have to take her back. Trying to get her to eat something now. She is meant to take a smed 30 mins b4 food tho
  • 12:22:37: Med, not smed.
  • 12:26:04: Smudge seemed brighter by the tme we got home - meds must be working. Just wish I could et her to eat some white fish. She hates gooshy fud!
  • 12:27:44: spooky (via @ramtops) Less "spooky" and more "awfully bad taste" IMO!
  • 12:29:24: @NeilCFord Indeed. Josie gave us a sample kibble food with prebiotic in it as well to try.
  • 12:35:43: Well, she licked the kibbles and fish a few times and so may have had a milimole or so of medicine. I will try again later. She is hungry ...
  • 12:36:03: ... but still can't face eating.
  • 12:48:58: Inbox, zero. Spoons, zero. Reasons not to nap, one - need to keep an eye on Smudge.
  • 12:49:15: @mdmhvonpa That cat, not me.
  • 13:13:37: @JaneFoth Been looking at your (and other people's) BBF photos. Intrigued and very tempted. I would have bought Orange or Black, I think.
  • 13:17:49: nap it is, though
  • 13:18:53: @mollydotcom Glad your bloods are okay. Damn soft-tissue injuries - I feel your pain and mine! *hug*
  • 13:21:22: At least Smudge is now keen to drink water!
  • 13:26:12: @NeilCFord D40x BTW... :)
  • 15:52:56: @NeilCFord Thank you!
  • 15:53:04: @Hedgewytch Thank you!
  • 15:53:14: @JaneFoth Thank you!
  • 15:54:33: Smudge just ate some food. Of course she would not eat the kibble or cod that had medicine on it - only the dry kibbles.
  • 16:00:33: @jearle Ta Fraggle! Or, don't we call you that now?
  • 16:03:10: Win a copy of a paranormal knitting romance book by Barbara Bretton - (via @fiberfool)
  • 16:19:07: @sarahkane I am the same about age. It is not intention, I just forget how old I am. I am sure I will always be 42 from today onwards!
  • 16:19:38: Press release: Damaged nerve cells repaired in laboratory: Researchers at the University of Califo.. (via @mssocietyuk)
  • 16:20:01: Amazing treehouses: A new book aims to show that treehouses are not just for children. (via @TelegraphPics)
  • 16:21:20: @jearle Ah, you'll always be the Fraggle to me! *hugs*
  • 16:25:09: "Snow Leopard will only run on intel-based Mac computers" What? No! *hugs her dual G5* Wanted my own Binu! A snow leopard I hugged as a cub.
  • 16:26:29: @TwerpScan Yeah, your site is great, but are you gonna RT all the tweets that say so? ;-p
  • 16:28:48: I think I may go mad. Feeding Smudge who has not kept food down for days has prompted Pixel to whine and whine about being hungry *headdesk*
  • 17:01:36: Been so busy making sure Smudge would eat and telling Pixel he had eaten all his breakfast that I only just realise I hadn't eaten yet today
  • 17:03:00: Have a craving for 9 Chicken Bites and Chips from Deep Blue in The Carfax, Horham. Maybe @NeilCFord will pick some up after work? ;-p
  • 17:03:34: Tempted to motor through one of the two tubs of dairy-free ice cream in the freezer but I won't. Maybe.
  • 17:06:44: @shadesong if it is okay, here's some *hugs*.
  • 17:25:27: @TwerpScan Good - I was considering un-following you! ;-p
  • 17:27:12: Happy patch day (via @lich_king) I guess that it is patch day in the Uk tomorrow, then...
  • 17:34:58: Is that all? (via @ramtops) Another reason that I am not keen on the idea. Also; "V for Vendetta" & "Little Brother". ;/
  • 18:24:59: OMFG I GOT NOMINATED FOR THE WORLD FANTASY AWARD!! (via @NorwichGrrl) Yay! Congratulations!

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