Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 07-31-2009

  • 09:57:56: Blind patch in left eye's vision. Migraine? Upset guts. Overripe strawberries or bagel at lunch? Guh.
  • 14:29:34: DFGF pitta with paté and some grapes for breakfast. Nom!
  • 15:03:53: Still waiting for painkillers to do so. Trying to plan this evening by SMS with two different people. Feeling exhausted and swamped. Cancels
  • 15:27:16: Brother called me. Tonight's meetup duly cancelled and possible future trip to see him (& stay for a couple of days) pencilled. MonSter-- :(
  • 15:28:51: @regularjen Mum used to put strawberry jam in small jam tart sized yorkshire puds, call them pop-overs & serve them for pudding after roast!
  • 15:30:10: @regularjen @ndixon that meal looks tres nommy!
  • 15:33:02: @petecooper Visiting various relatives for meals. My aunt who shares my birthday (next week!) and my mum.
  • 15:42:12: @petecooper I hibernate most days anyway! ;-p
  • 15:46:16: Shock threat to shut Skype (via @ernmander) (URL'ed)
  • 15:51:21: Going off-messaging for a while. i.e. off Twitter, email and so on but still online.
  • 16:32:53: A nap of cats #collectivenouns

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