Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 07-29-2009

  • 10:49:03: @fiberfool Atwater is cute!
  • 10:56:01: "the internet" != "private". password or no. [/rantypants] (via @tylluan)
  • 11:07:09: RT @ClaireatWaves: RT @the_anke:...: - Only Two MPs ..(spotted in Islington) :-) <- nice one :D (via @Hedgewytch)
  • 11:09:21: @tallin32 not paying for childcare would be cool!
  • 11:11:02: @Hedgewytch Sadly there is no mac version of MS Access. I do miss Access...
  • 12:07:15: Upset guts. After hospital visit Monday we know it is likely to be the MS not 'just' IBS. Whatever, it is still as random as ever.
  • 12:08:58: @NeilCFord I assume you missed your connection? Oops!
  • 14:08:39: Made a phone call, built my meds, ordered a repeat, taken meds, read some LJ (first time in weeks) and eaten breakfast. Worn out now. Feh :(
  • 14:16:01: Melting ੬ Was wanting to do so much more today but that might just be it for today at least until after a nap. Did lots last night though. ં
  • 14:33:17: Just re-membered/-alised: Pain is exhausting whether ignorable or agony, background or randomly intrusive, chonic or acute. No wonder then!
  • 14:42:56: i can't believe i'm doing this, but i need help - - please RT if you're so inclined - thank you (via @alumiere)
  • 14:45:14: @alumiere *hugs* i hope my RT helps. We complain about the NHS in the UK but thank $deity it is paid for out of taxes and so "free"!
  • 14:46:21: @pixeldiva Hope you feel better soon!
  • 16:58:13: @petecooper soya milk makes yummy "creamy"-tasting coffee.
  • 17:27:37: Awake but eye pain is now a 6. Hands are a 4 and foot is merely a 2. Yup, I am dosing up again.
  • 17:32:31: *melting* damn humidity
  • 17:55:41: Fed cats their first lot. Melting. Coughed as climbed up stairs. Seeing sparkles at the edge of my visiom. They may have to wait for rest.
  • 17:56:08: *reads Ballmer email* Now I've seen everything. (via @tallin32) Intrigued now!
  • 17:57:15: Thank you @... When I first see bloops I laugh so hard stag beetle smoothie shoot out of nose. (via @Aleksandr_Orlov)
  • 18:08:23: Is it humid today or am I melting more than usual because I am ill? I wish I knew where the thermometer was...
  • 18:22:04: Found thermometer. Temp is actually low. That could be the ice, fan and sweating, then. Must just be my MonSter eaten hypothalamus.
  • 18:29:04: @pixeldiva Ah, but, now we know what you are listening to! ;-p
  • 18:30:27: @petecooper @ndixon safari is greedier for me as well - and I tend to run both. It may be due to the sites in each, though.
  • 18:31:54: Today's #bgbg flash mob is a nice easy one - just head over to to click, then RT this tweet (via @fluffymuppet)
  • 18:32:32: @mdmhvonpa I am still here!
  • 18:36:16: @ndixon That is awesome! Reminds me a bit of something @gapingvoid might do but MUCH larger paper... - [Re:]
  • 19:02:58: #iranelection (via @racheline_m) A sad letter from Iran and I hope not but if so, I hope they get through eventually.
  • 23:06:24: @natalief safari needs a restart after a long day of big downloads, the memory usage is bonkers (via @petecooper) Indeed!
  • 23:20:45: Just had my first L'Hermitte's Sign episode. Pretty common MS symptom I'd never had. Maybe the numb hand is tied to that

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