Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 07-28-2009

  • 00:07:21: @Hedgewytch Jammy you! I'd love to go but a lack of girlfriends and cash kinda prevent it...
  • 00:08:23: @tallin32 *confused* Not that that is too hard to do...
  • 00:10:31: gah - I guess I should go to bed. Would love to play WoW (didn't at all to-/yester-/Mon-day) but am getting sleepy so should take advantage.
  • 00:10:55: @tallin32 both! lol
  • 00:12:28: @Hedgewytch Wow that is less than I guessed! I know you are a girlfriend. I meant that I rarely do girly stuff. I am a tom-boy/tom-woman!
  • 00:12:29: Honest, now, zzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • 09:50:16: Hackintosh netbook compatibility updated (via @MacFanboys) (via @Hedgewytch) Mine is not on that list, though. Advent.
  • 09:56:45: Lesbian is to lifestyle as African-American is to spray on tan. The basics are there. dark do you go? (via @thinkmeup)
  • 10:07:54: I made you something. (via @matociquala) Beautiful.
  • 10:09:23: @natalief Is MSI Wind listed? That's what the Advent is. (via @NeilCFord) It is!
  • 10:10:05: @NeilCFord There are two MSI Wind in the list though.
  • 10:39:58: "Broadband rates 'not up to speed'" (BBC) Interesting table of results comparing ISPs.
  • 10:42:05: @NeilCFord That one does really well!
  • 10:47:02: Oh, also, late because I got distracted: New Shadow Unit (via @matociquala)
  • 10:47:41: RT @Drhaggis: a diminution of netbooks #collectivenouns (via @thinkmeup)
  • 10:49:54: Going off-twitter for a while (and maybe off-email) while the painkillers work on working. May play WoW, knit or read a book. *thud*
  • 10:53:00: B4 I go, starting a book (not really) in this being accepted (BBC) I hope it is!
  • 11:30:16: UK O2 customer with iPhone but not getting @twitter DMs by sms. Only getting tweets from ppl I set up to notify. When will DM SMS work?
  • 11:43:33: ... day of big changes in my business as I said goodbye to my association with Warehouse Express, you heard it here first. (via @wildmanrouse)
  • 11:45:31: @mdmhvonpa Good luck for your TSD black belt test!
  • 11:51:57: Why do the GOOD painkillers put me to sleep as well? Is it just that I CAN sleep without pain? *thud* zzzzz
  • 11:54:43: Castle of Magic for iPhone: amazing graphics + stunningly detailed 3-D worlds ... (via @hotapple) (via @Hedgewytch) got!
  • 14:37:26: @wildmanrouse You broadcast it yourself. I merely retweeted it. It was already public when you tweeted it. Was sharing it with others know u
  • 14:41:15: Note to people who DM me but aren't following me (and so I can't DM them): if you ask me a question in DM I will have to answer in @ reply.
  • 14:43:17: @wildmanrouse Also see my other tweet about how I can't DM you to answer because you are not following me and so have to use public @ reply.
  • 14:44:59: @mulene I prefer @twittelator on iPhone and @tweetie on the mac. Personal preference.
  • 14:46:54: RT @knealemann: You want a solar eclipse? How about this? <= Wow! (via @ndixon) Amazing!
  • 14:49:44: Note to tweeters with non-protected (i.e. public) accounts or not, if you tweet it it is in the public domain and so likely to be retweeted.
  • 14:52:22: i.e. Don't "Why Natalie did you broadcast this?" when you broadcast it in a public tweet yourself and all I did was retweet it! *guh*
  • 14:55:21: @alumiere DM = Direct Message. Start a tweet with e.g. "D natalief" and I'm following you then it'll be only in my "Messages". Private. HTH!
  • 14:55:49: (where HTH = Hope That Helps, of course)
  • 14:56:18: *melting*
  • 14:59:44: @natalief just noticed that @tweetie (iPhone edition) doesn't show me if a post is protected :( Bad app! (via @NeilCFord) nor @twittelator ੏
  • 15:01:57: @NeilCFord Nor does @tweetie for mac. It is surely accounts not tweets that are protected anyway?
  • 15:03:57: @alumiere No problem. Glad to help when I can.
  • 15:07:41: @natalief Yes, but the standard web page shows you if an account is protected (t... Read More:
  • 15:08:35: if the app you are using doesn't give you a visual clue, you could well be retwe... Read More:
  • 15:09:45: Hrm.. if people don't want to be retweeted, then they shouldn't tweet. :-) (via @ninthspace) This. I try not to retweet private stuff though
  • 15:11:57: @mulene (& anyone who adds) I am more likely to follow you back, by the way, if there is more information in your Twitter bio and/or a URL.
  • 15:13:01: Hrm.. if people don't want to be retweeted, then they shouldn't tweet. :-) (via @ninthspace) It's also like the old "private email" fallacy!
  • 15:15:18: *goes back off-twitter* The nap helped but I am in dire need of hitting things in WoW. Great tension reliever!
  • 15:16:27: @NeilCFord I do try but you are right that the apps don't help. *now feels guilty and nervous about retweeting in future*
  • 15:29:19: @NeilCFord by the way, your icon does not have a padlock on my Following page. Hard to tell if people have protected accounts.
  • 15:30:58: @NeilCFord Nor do you or the other person we follow with protected account have a padlock on their tweets on the Twitter Home page
  • 15:31:21: @NeilCFord I do try to check people's profiles, though.
  • 16:03:34: @NeilCFord I was sure yours used to be protected. I don't follow caz. I only retweet Hedge's retweets.
  • 18:02:35: @NeilCFord Neither was the chap @natalief retweeted - I could see his stuff and I don't read him. (via @sbisson) Indeed.
  • 19:27:35: @Hedgewytch Bummer on the change of plans! :( *hugs*

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