Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 07-24-2009

  • 11:08:47: I seem to be relatively upright. Of course that does not mean that I am actually *awake*...
  • 15:23:17: <sarcasm> Yay! Thunder! Weatherhead! Yay! </sarcasm>
  • 15:26:29: RT @petapixel: Wow! A satellite captured this photo of earth during the total solar eclipse: (via @AmazingPics) Woah!
  • 15:34:56: Have you lost followers? Don't Panic! Twitter has cleaned out loads of spammer accounts (via @SussexWildlife)
  • 17:44:34: Painkillers are kicking in and minty green tea is helping. Might be human enough for tonight's WoW raid after all.

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