Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 07-21-2009

  • 00:08:39: I'm keeping my followers list clean and tidy with, the anti-fool contact management tool!
  • 00:24:33: @Hedgewytch DW amd TW are scifi though!
  • 00:37:14: More in the saga of my vision:
  • 00:42:34: sausage meat & baked bean pie: ... (via @reactivecooking) No fair! Want rest of recipe!
  • 00:47:20: @Hedgewytch I am shocked how many people that I thought were following me are not according to! :(
  • 00:49:33: Ok I'm going to be unfollowing the unfollowers that friendorfollow tells me are not following me. (via @Hedgewytch) I may just do the same.
  • 01:01:30: Twitter following and follower housekeeping is complete.
  • 01:12:25: Alright people, the new is live! DNS propagation has started. (via @TwerpScan) Awesome! Like it!
  • 13:00:29: UPS is bitching.
  • 13:07:38: Managed to power down the mac and then the UPS before it just killed the mac itself. Powered up the UPS and mac and all seems OK. Weird.
  • 13:08:38: Damn. UPS is bitching again. :(
  • 13:08:51: GRRRRRRR!
  • 13:10:20: WTB new UPS that does not bitch all the time and shut my mac down. :(
  • 13:10:49: Ugh - the UPS just stopped bitching. RANDOM!!!!! :(
  • 13:14:36: @natalief (via @reactivecooking) Wanna try this! Sounds yummy!
  • 13:18:06: All calls for clemency are being ignored. Only Lynx will be spared. (via @mollydotcom) The Lynx is purring!
  • 13:20:42: New Moleskine Folio Sketchbook A4 :D (via @ndixon) Is it sketchbook 'card' or more like paper?
  • 13:28:16: Rain. Heh.
  • 14:09:49: ... i'm emigrating to somewhere that has more of a clue. (via @petecooper) Where's that then?
  • 14:15:03: @ndixon Ah, so, the nasty sketchbook card then. Oh for some cartridge paper in a moley!
  • 14:48:40: Called the hospital about the non-arriving fresnels. Said they had sent one two weels ago. Correct address. Sending another. Nap now.
  • 14:50:17: @ndixon personal preference, I guess!
  • 14:54:14: The painkillers aren't. Just like when I failed to get to sleep for ages earlier. Resorting to alternatives. NEED sleep and relief from pain

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