Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 07-15-2009

  • 01:35:12: ... Earl Grey over ice is very refreshing. Slice of orange. (via @mollydotcom) Sounds good to me!
  • 03:59:25: RT @WabiSabiWhisper:The knitter sat in indigo starlight, skeins draped her neck, needles flying. [Her job was to knit Yesterday into Today.]
  • 11:52:56: The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on. - Robert Bloch (via @bertfletcher)
  • 12:04:54: Noooooooooo! 56%!! Moi??? *stamps tiny jewelled heel and flounces off in a hungover huff* (via @stephenfry) ;-p
  • 12:07:57: @davorg Limahl (sp?)
  • 12:10:12: @pixeldiva *hugs*
  • 12:13:08: Tried a new machine at the gym. It made me feel sick after an hour's use - it's got KitKats, Mars bars & crisps in it. (via @GeneHunt) :-p
  • 12:16:09: Not feelibg too great today. Nothing new there, then!
  • 12:16:53: @natalief 'Limahl' could be Lima, Lilah, Lima's, Liam, Lamely, Lineal, Lemuel, Lil, Mal, Leilah, Limply, Liable, Local or Loyal. via @_spell
  • 12:17:31: Or just Limahl, of course.
  • 12:20:41: Wondering why my iPhone is using 3G and not the wifi. It would be just my luck for our wifi/ADSL to be down. ੏
  • 12:28:17: Checkout my @photojojo Time Capsule from a year ago:
  • 12:34:00: Wishing I had cash to waste:
  • 12:56:03: The word "muggle" was jazz-slang for a Marijuana smoker. A "dumbledore" was an old name for a bumblebee. #Harry Potter (via @qikipedia)
  • 14:35:45: Not feeling well. Going back to bed.
  • 14:41:45: Please RT: Children of Earth for Children in Need / Captain's Blog for Cancer Research UK: #Torchwood via @racheline_m
  • 14:47:03: Awwwwww! -
  • 14:52:45: Cue very blurry vision to go with messef upgut and nauses. Coulf be migrainr I guess...
  • 14:55:25: Bah my iphone is using3g not 802.11 again. :(
  • 14:56:46: Was working with wifi agaim earlier. Grrrrr
  • 15:00:05: Turning phone off ans on seems to have ficed it for now. Now ro sleep.
  • 15:01:03: Bah. The incontinent clouds are back, and this time they're dressed as goths. (via @ninthspace) eloquent!
  • 18:30:22: @stephintoronto went fine thanks.
  • 18:42:42: I got eczema, diarrhoea, gonorrhoea and haemorrhoids last week. First time I've ever won a game of Scrabble. (via @GeneHunt)
  • 19:39:24: I was suspended again but now seem to be unsuspended. Bloody weird.
  • 19:40:13: @NeilCFord Thanks for that tweet about the third? fourth? twitter suspension. I wish I knew what I do wrong. I checked the T&C etc...
  • 19:41:04: ...anyway, it seems that I am back.
  • 19:42:22: Seriously tempted to make my account a non-public account if that is even possible. Keep getting random @ replies telling me how to fix me.
  • 19:43:10: If I needed more helper-addicts and fixers I would ask for them. I have a few of them IRL and am fine for help and fixing thank you all!
  • 19:45:14: Could it be coz I fave tweets too much? I fave tweets on my iPhone that I want to look at when I am on the mac - links, pics and so on.
  • 19:47:14: @SusanneWhite I did wonder if it was not just me.
  • 19:49:02: Trying to work out how to view my faves in @tweetie The only buttons seem to be timeline, mentions/replies, messages & searches. Not on menu
  • 19:50:52: Found it. Not intuitive. I always forget it. Click on my avatar top left then on the start icon. Want star icon on left toolbar! @tweetie
  • 19:52:41: Except that it seems that i have to double-click on my avatar. #unintuitiveUIs #UIaccessability @tweetie
  • 19:54:41: Also cannot work out how to delete a tweet in @tweetie Not in the right button menu for one of my tweets. #unintuitiveUIs #UIaccessability
  • 19:55:58: Some of these @ replies trying to help/fix me are from ppl I do not follow. Don't make me have to block you!
  • 19:57:07: P.S. I am allergic to PINK!
  • 19:58:53: Yeah! Boxcar added push notification support for Twittelator Pro in upcoming release due any day now! (via @twittelator) YAY!
  • 19:59:51: OK - why not? It's only a few lines - but I'll add it as an option
    RT XXX pleeeease add Shake to Reload ઩ (via @twittelator) YAY!
  • 20:04:27: Press release: Drummers beat way to world record: 582 drummers beat their way to a world recor... (via @mssocietyuk)
  • 20:07:38: Vicki: Pain an MS: Neuropathic Pain: There is pain in MS.  It can be acute or chronic... (via @MSHealthCentral)
  • 20:40:14: Resorting to herbal painkillers for this splitting headache.
  • 23:31:32: What not to crochet:
  • 23:55:59: 10 things Mac OS X should copy from the iPhone - <via @TheNextWeb) some of them at least!

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